Pollen Database Registry in Iran
The first Pollen Database Registry (PDR) has begun in Tehran. The local pollen pattern is unique because of a specific climate. PDR designed according to detailed seasonal pollen calendar which is required for sufferers from allergies, asthma diseases and tourists. PDR are intended to be both archives of digital atlas of microscopy pollen grains and associated data as well as important research tools for studies in paleoclimatology in Tehran and then for others states of Iran. Establishment of comprehensive, archival pollen database in Iran has been performed since 2010 up to now. Basic research on the air borne pollen counts was done by Dr. Kimiayi (1970) who reported 10 pollen families. Then Dr. Shafei, Dr. Yasa et al (1981) did 18 to 31 pollen counts in Tehran. Dr. Farhoudi, Dr. Faridhosseini (1993) for project of Dr. Moin and Dr. Movahedi researched about pollen counting in Tehran and Karaj. Dr. Majd et al have reported morphology and allergenicity of pollen grains and environmental factors in Iran since 1991 up to now. We investigated pollen calendar in Tehran for 7 years and collected information about current pollen patterns.
In the first step vegetation was investigated. Then two air samples were collected using (Burkard spore trap grains/m3 by Dr. Zandieh and Durham sampler grains/m2) to identify and determine pollen concentration in the air and separated in three groups of trees and shrubs, weeds and grasses and reported according to the National Allergy Bureau scale (NAB) and statistical analyzed pollen counts relationships with metrological factors and air pollution data in Tehran. Then pollen data were placed in web site design in space of IAARI.
We observed 121 plant families including 570 genera and species in vegetation in Tehran and drew pollen calendar for 7 years and compared with metrological factors and air pollution data that in most cases was significant (p<0.05).
We can use data mining method for exact separation of data for each pollen pattern, in Tehran and other cities of Iran. For future we would like to link with World Allergy Organization (WAO) and Global Pollen Database (GPD).

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