RNA-Seq of Tumor-Educated Platelets Enables Blood-Based Pan-Cancer, Multiclass, and Molecular Pathway Cancer Diagnostics
This journal club was held in Immunology, Asthma, and Allergy Research Institute

This journal club was held in the central auditorium of Immunology, Asthma, and Allergy Research Institute on Wednesday 10 January, 2016

Amin Moradi Hasan Abad; biotechnology student from Tehran University of Medical Sciences, was the presenter of this journal club. First, He reviewed the role of platelets in the inflammatory response and then continued his speech with introduction of this new resource to detect different types of cancers. He explained different types of cancer diagnosis strategies and discussed the shortcomings of each of these techniques.
He also explained different types of RNAs in platelets, and their roles in the regulation, editing and translation of mRNAs. Afterward, He reviewed the interactions between platelets and tumor tissues and explained the platelet effects in regulating the growth, spread of tumor tissues, and the interaction between the RNA content of platelets.
He introduced related bioinformatics databases and the methods for interpretation of obtained laboratory data. He concluded that evaluating the RNA content of platelets might be a cheap, efficient and accurate modality in early detection of cancer as well as determining the effectiveness of applied methods in cancer therapy in the future

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